Great UI & UX delivers increased conversions and customer satisfaction. We combine the best of technology & human behaviour.

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Good user interface or user experience design is all about the connection between your services and products, your digital platform and how your customers and prospects interact online or in an application. We can help you ensure your users are delighted by great UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design.

We understand what’s involved in creating a great UI. It certainly isn’t simple and it involves a lot of moving parts, taking into account both technical requirements and human behaviour. If you get it right, you can bring together your users, customers, prospects and employees wth a brilliant solution that delights and excites every time. The best user experience is delivered by working with Consultants.Digital and our large experienced team.

Touchscreen Technology

Through our winning UI/UX design process, we can take you from your idea, through to execution and then delivery of your solution.

Our approach to deliver you and your users great UI/UX Design:

    • User research
      We work with you to outline your goals. What are you trying to achieve? What are the right outcomes? This helps us design the strategy for your website or solution and allows us to tailor the content and design to deliver the best possible UI and UX together. We analyse your users to help develop personas and then expand on that to outline preferred behavioural workflows for your website, web application or app.
    • Information architecture and wireframe creation
      The layout and design of the information and data on your website or app needs to be intuitive and correlate to your personas and workflows. This is a fundamental of great UI and UX design. We take the time to design the best layout, and then document it with detailed wireframes, that can be used to ratify design, before a line of code is written.  Wireframes are one of the best ways to ensure that our vision and your vision of your project are a match.
    • Detailed user testing
      With the goals we document at the start of the UX process with you, we have the blueprint to help us develop a product that delivers success. We’ll organise user testing from your chosen personas and check human behaviour against expected outcomes or KPIs. This is a critical process, as no first design without human validation nails it 100%, and through user testing we can tweak and adjust your UI/UX to get the expected results.
    • Design look and feel
      How your website or app looks has an important impact on your users. The layout of the information is important, as are the workflows, but if you don’t make it attractive users can be distracted and lost altogether. Our design team can deliver a solution that looks great now and can evolve with the future. We’ll make sure we also deliver on your brand guidelines.
    • Front-end development
      The front-end is what your users see, so it needs to be developed correctly, utilising the latest in technology and available to your users on any sized device, tablet or computer. We’ll deliver a ‘best-practice’ solution, complete with integration into any third party applications and/or the back-end.
    • Ongoing monitoring, reporting  and support
      Once your website or app is made live, we’ll work with you to ensure it’s perfect in every way. We can help with ongoing performance management and reporting, delivering simple dashboards that everyone in the management team can access and understand.

Great UI/UX design doesn’t just happen. You need to follow a process, then measure and adjust. In all that we do we utilise best practice Lean methodologies, helping you succeed with your start-up, small or medium business or enterprise solution.

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