A great scoring app, designed for cricket and customisable for your favourite sport


About our sports scoring app

The sports scoring app has been designed for cricket, but is highly adaptable to your favourite sporting team, organisation, sport or club.  It’s designed to provide you a fully functional scoring capability, which then calculates various statistics and data automatically.  It’s great to keep on top of all aspects of your favourite cricket or sporting match.

Using this app you can maintain your scorecard with minimal data entry, all with a simple one touch interface.  Stay on top of every run, goal, touchdown, try or score.

Key Features

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    Manage games or matches: Set and schedule the dates, competitors and teams.

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    Manage teams: With a few clicks or touches you are able to add, edit or change players and team names.

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    Manage players:  Preferences, stats and details can all be adjusted or customised.

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    Match results and history:  View the details and all the stats historically.

App Screenshots

Highlights of Sports Scoring App

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    We can help you brand it to your team or club, or reconfigure it for your preferred sport.

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    Stats galore

    Multiple stats and data generated with minimal input.

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    Simple data entry

    Focus on the game not the stats.  Simple one click data entry.

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    Simple undo and edits

    One touch undo or edits to data to ensure accuracy

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    Graphs and charts

    Your data will be turned into great looking visual trends and stats guides.

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    Keep it social

    Share results and player data with others who couldn’t attend the game.

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