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Reporting & Analytics

Do you really know what is happening in your business? Is there a lot of data but not a lot of value being driven from it?  This is a challenge that is common for many businesses, not just startups or small to medium business, but enterprise organisations too.

We’ve got extensive experience in providing analytics, reporting and dashboards to all organisations big and small.  Your complex data challenges can quickly be resolved through the combination of your existing data and systems, their correct use and introduction of some great dashboard and reporting tools. You really can pull it all together and understand and harness the power of your data to drive good business decisions and outcomes.

Your solution doesn’t need to be an enterprise grade all-encompassing tool.  You can be nimble, and still get the data and results required in a much shorter timeframe.

How we can help you with reporting & analytics

    • System expertise
      We’ve probably already got experience in your existing systems. We’ve been doing this for a combined 40 years, and over that journey, and more recently, we have been involved in a number of different IT projects, systems and integrations.  It means we can deliver a quick start to your project.
    • Data integration
      We can help you bring it all together through clever integrations. Gone of the days of long winded development cycles, projects and overspends in time and cost.  We can analyse what you have, find the best ways to connect it, and then help you start to make sense of your data treasure trove.
    • Dashboards and real time reports
      Having data is great, but it needs to be live and in realtime. We can deliver you, your management team and employees with dashboards and reports that provide value, at the right time.
    • KPI management and reporting
      How do you know if you are trending to your business goals or strategy?  KPI’s being set and then measured ongoing is critical for success.  We can help you work out what makes sense, and then help you deliver it.

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