Zezzly Cartoon Video Messenger

World Filming Resources
The concept of the project was to develop a group video messenger, an iOS native app for online video texting and an informative website similar to the Glide and Talking Tom. This app allows users to record video and send it as a message to a friend or share it in a group. This is a broadcasting cartoon video messenger for users to share videos with their friends. It provides users with a unique and exciting way to conduct messaging activity. Users can create accounts, add friends and invite them to connect. The messenger features two comic characters; a dog for men and a cat for women. Users choose these characters and start chatting with each other. These characters make users’ journey a lot of fun with some special effects such as poke, tickle, sneeze, laugh and  groan. Furthermore, users can record their messages in the voice of cartoon characters and share them with friends.

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