Give your audience an integrated news app, where and when they want it


About our news app

Our news app is a great out of the box solution for media companies, newspapers, writers, bloggers and reporters to distribute and publish their content where and when their users, readers and subscribers need it. This app allows you to take great content from your website or social media channels and present it in a smart, simple and elegant app.

You customise the categories to suit your content and your users can simply navigate the app with the innovative sliding menu and filter. Your readers can stay updated with latest news articles, blog topics or other media content, whether local or from around the globe. If you want to deliver your content in the best possible way you need the news app.


Key Features

  • 01

    Social Media sign-in with Facebook allowing your users to use a simple & trusted account for login.

  • 02

    Simple category based content creation and editing.  Ability to manage drafts and published content.

  • 03

    A news section to showcase your latest content, blogs or news articles.

  • 04

    Simple finger swipe driven navigation between content, whilst allowing simple sharing directly or on social media

App Screenshots

Highlights of News App

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    Easy UI design

    Easy UI, nice clean and modern design with user-friendly navigation between categories.  Fast reloading with a swipe to get the latest news or blog articles.

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    Customisable user views

    Allow your users to personalise their home screen by moving and swapping categories to suit preferences.

  • 03

    Let your users take it anywhere

    Our app allows your readers or subscribers to download and read your content, even offline.

  • 04

    Publish quickly and simply from anywhere

    Create great news articles or blog content quickly whilst on the go.

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    Let your users get social

    Our news app allows your readers to share news via Facebook, Twitter, email ,WhatsApp and more.

  • 06

    Alerts via push notifications

    Got some breaking news?  We let you alert your users with push notification alerts direct to the device.

  • 07

    Powerful & responsive back end

    Full control on your alerts, content, categories and more.  Management of users and their behaviour.

  • 08

    Multiple platforms

    Available for all major platforms and technologies.

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