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About our HR app

Human resources or HR management is critical for organisations.  Having a system that delivers out of the box, but can be integrated into other bespoke systems helps ensure success.  Our HR app delivers two very important functions; firstly, it allows access, search and management of all personal data for employees.  Secondly, it puts the ability to streamline and simplify all of your HR tasks at your fingertips.

Our human resource management app serves as a means to collect and organise the data of your workforce and this data can then be used in human resource planning and strategy functions.

Key Features

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    Employee Self Service:  Allows your employees access to and modification of key data based on pre-authorised access levels.

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    Leave management:  Manage all aspects of all types of leave.

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    Performance management:  Speed-up and simplify the process of driving employee performance management.

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    Automation and process management:  Simplify and systemise key processes for efficiency.

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Highlights of Human Resource Management App

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    Recruiting efficiency

    Our app facilitates streamlined recruitment processes, including probation management.

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    Daily workflow automation

    Automate your daily workflow to reduce mismanagement and improve productivity.

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    Training schedules

    Set-up and assign training programs. Ensure employees receive the right training at the right time.

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    Event management

    Create custom events and invite and share with employees with a click.

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    Manage employees better

    Deliver better employee engagement and output by managing your workforce with advanced integrated HR software.

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    Payroll management

    Manage payroll with just a few clicks. Manage employee salary and other details fast and securely.

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